Towards blended modeling and simulation of DevOps processes: the Keptn case study

Alessandro Colantoni, Antonio Garemendia, Luca Berardinelli, Johannes Bräuer

MODELS '22: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems: Companion Proceedings, 2022

DevOps and Model Driven Engineering (MDE) provide differently skilled IT stakeholders with methodologies and tools for organizing and automating continuous software engineering activities and using models as key engineering artifacts. JSON is a popular data format, and JSON Schema provides a general-purpose schema language for JSON. This paper presents our work in progress on blended modeling and scenario simulation of continuous delivery pipelines as executable JSON-based models. For this purpose, we show a case study based on Keptn, an open source tool for DevOps automation of cloud-native applications, and its language, Shipyard, a JSON-based process language for continuous delivery pipeline specification.