Multi-domain transfer component analysis for domain generalization

Thomas Grubinger, Adriana Birlutiu, Holger Schöner, Thomas NatschlägerTom Heskes 

Neural Processing Letters, 2017

This paper presents the domain generalization methods Multi-Domain Transfer Component Analysis (Multi-TCA) and Multi-Domain Semi-Supervised Transfer Component Analysis (Multi-SSTCA) which are extensions of the domain adaptation method Transfer Component Analysis to multiple domains. Multi-TCA learns a shared subspace by minimizing the dissimilarities across domains, while maximally preserving the data variance. The proposed methods are compared to other state-of-the-art methods on three public datasets and on a real-world case study on climate control in residential buildings. Experimental results demonstrate that Multi-TCA and Multi-SSTCA can improve predictive performance on previously unseen domains. We perform sensitivity analysis on model parameters and evaluate different kernel distances, which facilitate further improvements in predictive performance.