A Demand-Response Framework in Balance Groups through Direct Battery-Storage Control

Georgios C. Chasparis, Mario Pichler, Thomas Natschläger

2019 18th European Control Conference (ECC), 2019

We consider the Austrian model for the liberalized electricity market which is based on the Balance-Group (BG) organization. According to this model, all participants (consumers and producers) are organized into (virtual) balance groups, within which injection and withdrawal of power are balanced. In this paper, the available energy potential within a BG corresponds to the energy that can additionally be exchanged (generated/consumed) through directly controlling the operation of the participants' battery-storage systems. Under such scheme, a participant's battery is directly controlled in exchange to some compensation. We present an optimization framework that allows a BG to optimally utilize the participants' batteries either for exchanging the available energy potential in the spot-market (Day-Ahead or Intra-Day) or for reacting to predicted energy imbalances.