Monaco is a tool to configure monitoring with Dynatrace as code and to configure environments in a GitOps way.  


How does Monaco work?

With Monaco, developers can set up monitoring and observability easily and efficiently by utilizing configuration files instead of a graphical user interface. Configuration files allow you to create, update, and manage your monitoring configurations safely, consistently, and repetitively. They can be reused, versioned, and shared within your team.

Monaco allows development teams to define monitoring configuration as code checked into version control alongside the application’s source code. This enables configurations like SLOs, alerts, or dashboards to be changed and managed alongside your application's source code.

Integrated into your CI/CD Pipeline, Monitoring as Code ensures that your monitoring always matches the application. This eliminates the need for developers to build a custom monitoring solution that fits into the team’s processes, leaving more time for building products.

A graph displaying each step of the Monaco process.


Monaco technologies

  • Golang


Monaco community

The tool was developed internally at Dynatrace by a team of developers and was recently open-sourced to allow external contributors.

If you’d like to contribute and develop the tool further, send the team a message on GitHub:


Useful Links

Learn more about Monaco in the Monaco Documentation.

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