What is Keptn and which problems does it solve?

Watch this YouTube video from the "Scaling Continuous Delivery" Conference 2021 and see Keptn in action.


In a nutshell, Keptn provides a Declarative Approach to Automate Delivery & Operations Use Cases

  • Automated SLO-based Quality Gates
  • Automated Performance & Chaos Testing
  • Automated Multi-Stage and Multi-Target Delivery
  • Automated Auto-Remediation


Watch the video above to learn more about the capabilities and why what droves us to use an event-driven architecture to automate delivery and operational use cases. Make sure to visit us on www.keptn.sh or join the conversation on


Who is adopting Keptn and what are the doing?



Who are our internal adopters?

We are currently working with different teams within Dynatrace R&D to leverage Keptn for

  • Automated performance evaluation -> Cluster Performance Engineering
  • Automated Cross Cluster Continuous Delivery -> lima-processing, AppGateway
  • Further teams that want use use Keptn for Delivery: DEUS, SPINE


 Want to get in touch with the Keptn Team?

 Join our slack channel:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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