Tallinn Lab

Taking the IT world by storm in Tallinn...

We are the global market leader in software intelligence and an essential driver of digital transformation at top global organizations. We live an agile entrepreneurial culture at heart, are flexible by nature, and collaborate to shape the future of tech together.

Tallinn joined the Dynatrace galaxy in 2021. As a key strategic lab, the Tallinn Lab is planted firmly at the core of innovation work at Dynatrace, constantly pushing boundaries. And just like Dynatrace talent in our labs all over the globe, those who join our Tallinn hub will work on interesting projects that directly contribute to innovation at Fortune500 companies worldwide. 


"At Dynatrace Tallinn,
you can do one of the most
impactful jobs on the market."

Renee Trisberg,
Lead Product Architect


Work at this brand new hub revolves around addressing the data explosion challenges in the observability and security space. Statista projects that 79 zettabytes of data will be created in 2021. That’s twice the amount produced just two years ago, and there’s no slowdown in sight. To analyze all this data in real-time, and to assure the performance and security of clouds and the applications that run on them, a combination of high-speed, AI-powered analytics, and advanced automation is a must. 

Poised to solve the puzzle this data explosion creates for organizations, the Tallinn Lab lays two distinct career paths in front of those who take on the challenge: domain experience and leadership, or organizational/people management know-how and leadership.