Linz Engineering HQ

Dynatrace was founded in Linz, Austria in 2005 and has continued its journey in Austria and globally since then. In November 2019, we celebrated a big milestone, moving into our new Engineering Headquarters in the emerging harbor region of Linz, Austria. The lab extends over six floors and a total area of 9,000 m2 with a 3,850 m2 glass front that catches the eye of the observer. The building's floor plan is reminiscent of a boomerang, has no front or back, intended to signal openness in all directions and is located right in the middle of Linz‘s digital mile, next to the famous Danube river.

Our 6-story vertical campus is now home to over 600 Dynatracers and a landmark for the new way of working and modern collaboration, featuring a great mixture of open communication areas as well as more secluded workspaces. Because we know: In order to do things no one on earth has done before, we need a work environment that fully supports this and drives us to innovate, be creative, and set new technological standards with our product again and again!

All strands of product development and strategic decision-making come together here, in close collaboration with our other R&D Labs across Austria and worldwide. You will also find various non-R&D teams in Linz, including Recruiting and Employer Branding.

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