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We are a diverse, passionate and open-minded group of software enthusiasts, pushing innovation, quality and collaboration across our labs. We share a passion for pushing boundaries, always focus on the future and aim to create outstanding software experiences. 


Hear from Bernd Greifeneder, Dynatrace founder and CTO

We strongly believe in putting the team into the center point of creativity by creating the right environment and giving people autonomy and responsibility to come up with the best solutions. 

What are the key areas tackled by our research teams?

Dynatrace Research focuses on future technologies to solve the most advanced use cases in data systems, specifically focused on observability data like traces, time series, logs and behavioral data.

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Open-Source projects and standards

Our engineers work on unique solutions collaboratively, contributing to, maintaining and driving standards and open-source projects in various areas. 

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Our worldwide R&D Labs

Our agile teams are spread across nine dedicated Research & Development locations in Austria, Poland, Spain and the United States, making sure that Software works perfectly. 

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