Seven skills that will help programmers in the future


Anna Martschini

March 2, 2023

Looking to future-proof your programming career? Start with mastering these seven skills.

Michal talks about the skills he believes are needed for the future of software development.

Analyzing tasks independently and solving problems are key skills for software engineers in the next years. But what else do you need to thrive in software development in the future? Dynatracer Michal Bojko, Lab Lead and Software Development Director in our Gdańsk Lab, identified seven skills he believes a “programmer of the future” should have.

In today’s digital economy, IT professionals, especially programmers, are in high demand. However, companies often struggle to find the right talent, as many professionals focus on specific tasks and lack comprehensive skills. Consequently, professionals who can apply their technical expertise while taking a holistic approach to problem-solving are clearly the winners in the labor market.

“A broader perspective allows technically better, analyzed, and more refined solutions. Being critical at every stage reduces time wasted on correcting errors later,” Michal Bojko.

Seven skills for the programmer of tomorrow

Dynatracer Michal highlights seven essential skills that can help programmers succeed in the ever-evolving field of software development.

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI algorithms are making your life easier, so using them to learn and solve problems will increase your value in several fields. Precedence Research shows how the AI market value grows by more than 38% each year and could reach nearly $1.6 billion by 2030. No wonder IT professionals are drawn to this field, coming in at a rate of 74% annually since 2016, according to LinkedIn’s research.

2. Data Science

Companies are getting saddled with more data daily and need to make sense of it much faster. It’s no surprise that HRForecast, based on PwC data, predicts that by 2023, 69% of employers will prefer hiring candidates with data science skills. So, dive into this topic. It is already a broad field and will become even more significant.

3. Cloud technology usage

More companies are trying out the cloud to keep services available at all times. Knowing your way around the cloud can help you enter spaces where people build cloud-based solutions. You’ll also be treasured for maintaining these solutions and minimizing downtime.

4. Cybersecurity

Yes, you can make IT systems work fine. But can you keep them protected from different kinds of attacks? Being able to do both will allow you to rest well. The TestArmy audit group reports a huge cybersecurity skills gap, with some countries needing to fill up to 10,000 positions today. That said, consider picking up digital security skills so you don’t have to worry about the safety of what you’ll work on.

5. The ability to understand end-user needs

Learn to view the software you design holistically. Adopting a tester or UX/UI designer’s view when working helps you program and measure performance while considering the user. Whoever can completely capture the user’s needs within an app’s features will be significantly valued.

6. Critical thinking and value management

A good software engineer can see things from different angles and spot the value in every part of a plan. Gaining such skills helps you and your colleagues to spend more time on what benefits the organization and users.

7. The ability to work end-to-end

Solving problems end-to-end without external help is also useful.

Whether you participate in the first meeting with the client, create business blueprints, plan, and analyze, it’s valuable to understand the steps in the development process.

From the initial consultation with the client and the development of a business blueprint to the planning and analysis phase, followed by the integration and implementation, and maintenance of systems. Being able to provide holistic end-to-end support and understanding all the steps in the development process can be highly valuable.

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Anna Martschini