My life as a full stack developer at Dynatrace


Giulia Di Pietro

May 18, 2022

Samuel shares his experience working in the team that makes it possible to monitor mobile applications

Samuel at the Klagenfurt Lab summer party

What’s your name, and what do you do at Dynatrace?

I am Samuel and am a full-stack Software Engineer at Dynatrace in Klagenfurt. I have recently also taken over the Agile Advocate role in our team.

When did you start at Dynatrace?

I started in March 2020, unfortunately at the very same time as the COVID-19 pandemic hit Austria.

After graduating from the Higher Technical College for Software Engineering in Villach and completing my mandatory military service, I immediately applied for a position as Software Engineer at Dynatrace.

How has your time at Dynatrace been so far?

I still remember having my first interview where I accidentally entered the wrong door and found myself in a construction site, because the company was expanding their office space due to the growth of the location here in Klagenfurt. We expanded our team from less than 40 Dynatracers when I started to almost double the size in these two years.

During my time here at Dynatrace I have always been in the team working on the full-stack monitoring solution for mobile applications. I also had the opportunity to join some temporary Value Creation Teams, where we worked on other interesting and innovative projects. Recently, I grew into the Agile Advocate role in our team to help maintain and embrace our Agile way of working and developing software.

In September I will start studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Graz.

How is Dynatrace going to help you combine work and study?

We are currently preparing a good environment for me to start studying and still work part time for Dynatrace. Since I intend to study at the TU Graz, we are also considering moving me to the Graz Lab and we are thinking about projects that make sense in this setting.

I am sure we will find a perfect solution!

How do you structure the work in your team?

Here at Dynatrace we are embracing an agile mindset, meaning always being ready to adapt to change and continuously improve our way of working. We have our own framework implemented for this (comparable to SCRUM), that enables us to have maximum autonomy and flexibility in our teams, but still have focused and defined interfaces to ensure the best possible communication and cross-team alignment.

My role as an Agile Advocate is to make sure that we also live this spirit in our team and always help to structure and align our ceremonies and communication flow.

What technologies do you work with?

In our team we are working full stack, meaning grabbing data from our Agents, passing them through our whole software stack and then displaying them in the UI. There are a lot of both backend and frontend technologies, as well as databases involved such as Java, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, NodeJS, TypeScript, Angular, React, and many more.

Samuel’s official Dynatrace portrait

How does your work affect business at Dynatrace?

Our team is building the mobile application monitoring solution for the Dynatrace Platform. It belongs to the Digital Experience solution which helps our customers understand better how their end-users are using their product and find any potential issues or improvements.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Dynatrace?

There are two things I want to highlight: Firstly, I love contributing to a market-leading software solution that is also very innovative and always changing and adapting. And secondly, the Dynatrace culture is a very friendly and open one, everyone is always happy to help and have a fun time.

How would you describe what Dynatrace does?

Simply put: We are developing software that helps companies to not only know what is going on in their IT environments, but also how any arising issues can be fixed.

What do you do in your free time?

I am always trying to be somewhere around the mountains like skiing and hiking, but I also like listening to music, sketching private software projects, and messing around with them. 😊

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