Being at the front-end of development in Barcelona


Giulia Di Pietro

November 16, 2021

UI developer Yngrid Coello tells all about how she came to Dynatrace and what she loves about frontend development

What is your name and what do you do at Dynatrace?

Hi, I’m Yngrid Coello and I’ve been at Dynatrace since July 2019.

Since I’ve joined, I’ve been mostly working as a front-end developer but sometimes I wear the hat of a full-stack developer as well.

What does your team do?

I work in the Atlas team (here in Barcelona every team is named after a constellation).

When I started, I was working on the new SQL solution. Since January 2020, I have switched to a VCT (value creation team), which is in charge of the data explorer solution of the platform. This solution allows customers to visualize data no matter the source, without it being centralized.

How did you come to Dynatrace?

I studied Computer Engineering in Venezuela, where I come from. After my bachelor’s, I discovered my passion for UI, and then I started building a career in frontend development.

My first jobs were very flexible: I was going backward and forward between frontend, backend, and server. Then I began to specialize, gravitating towards UI.

I moved to Barcelona 4 years ago, and during my first year here I was contacted by a recruiter who told me all about Dynatrace. I already knew the software because one of the clients of my previous company was already using it to monitor their own systems. So, I became very interested in what DT does.

What also piqued my interest in the company was hearing some talks from the former Lab Lead of Barcelona. He was very passionate about what Dynatrace does, he caught my attention and I decided to finally apply one year after the first recruiter contacted me.

What technologies do you work with?

In the frontend, we use TypeScript and Angular.

There are also some internal projects using React, like our internal Dynatrace Teams project, which is building a platform to find all your colleagues and in which team they are working.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is seeing how impactful is everything you do in the product.

All the changes you make in the code — whether fixing bugs, improving some issues, creating new features — are actually used by customers. They are happy about the changes, and I like to know that I am really bringing value to them.

It’s also very interesting to learn about the scalability of a product. You always need to think about scalability in everything you do. For example, Dynatrace manages a lot of data, and this can slow down performance a lot. But for usability and bringing value to customers, rendering time in the frontend must be kept as short as possible.

Whatever I build, I have to think about this and how to optimize it the best way to make sure that users always get quick feedback. I like these types of challenges.

How does Dynatrace support your growth?

In Barcelona, we have two types of innovation days: a global one that takes place multiple times a year, and a local one once a sprint.

We dedicate one day per sprint to fulfill your curiosity about new technologies or fill any gaps you may have in the technologies you are using in your current job. You can also simply innovate other things, like thinking about a feature in the product that is not there and propose it to the product manager. If you don’t want to do that, you can also do training to improve your soft skills.

I am also part of the leadership program, which is another interesting training organized by Dynatrace. I’ve always been perceived as a leader in previous jobs, so I would like to pursue leadership and Dynatrace encourages me to do it.

What do you like about the culture at Dynatrace?

I like many aspects of the culture, for example, “walk the talk”. You need to do what you say you will do; you don’t just talk about it.

I also like the innovation global days — I’ve participated in all of them since I started. I love the space they give you to innovate, even in the product.

And finally, that Dynatrace is a customer-first company. I like that we have all those layers just to make sure that the customer is happy at the end.

How would you describe what Dynatrace does?

Dynatrace is a software monitoring platform, it allows customers to detect problems in their software fast. In the end, this results in saving money for the customer, easy as that.

What I also really like about the Barcelona lab is that we are developing the feature called “Session replay”. It’s a very interesting feature to learn about.

Out in nature with her dog.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my small dog and my partner. We like to go hiking, travel, and spend time outdoors in nature.

I enjoy spending time with friends, playing volleyball, and video games. Since I am not originally from Barcelona, I like that video games let me keep in touch with my friends in Venezuela and other parts of the world.

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